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DJ Etiquette

We started ExitWest SF as a vehicle to promote seeing more female DJ’s at events in SF. It’s been going from strength to strength for 4 plus years now. We rarely have an event without women in our lineup. We can certainly do better but we’re definitely moving in the right direction. I’m also finding that we work with more female promoters because of our support of women DJ’s. Nearly every one of these women are incredibly talented and all professional, capable and best of all easy to work with. It pretty amazing actually, no egos no quarreling and no shit talking other DJ’s. Now here’s the rub!! I constantly see straight male DJ’s taking liberties with these women. Sometimes it’s treating them like they need a DJ lesson right in the middle of their set. Other times it’s someone deciding to change the settings of their mixer without permission during their set. Sometimes it’s a condescending, you don’t know what you’re doing spiel. Still other times it’s a condescending message on social media etc. Let me be extremely clear boys. These women know what they are doing 100%. They don’t need your input, full stop. If you want to be supportive, I would suggest you ask if it’s ok to suggest your input before you do. If the answer is no, please stop with your advice. Don’t interfere with any DJ during a live set full stop. Please be more aware and supportive of you fellow DJ sisters. They really have their own process and I’ve personally learnt so much from these wonderful women. Let’s be Gentlemen moving forward and only butt in when asked. Everyone has their own creative process. Much Love

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